1. What to do if I don't find the item right?

Our experts make sure that the images at our site correctly illustrate the product. If the image fails to depict the actual product and you don't like it, make sure to contact us at our email ID. Please help us by providing the reason why you don't like the product, and our experts will offer you the best possible solutions.

2. Why is the same item available at various prices?

There are many variants for the same product, quoting different prices according to the quantity, flavour and even the offer. The prices you see are the different prices of minor variants of the same or similar products. Please read the product description carefully.

3. Can I continue shopping without online registration?

Unfortunately, we insist on shopping as a registered user to secure every delivery we make. Your Poundshop Guru account can do a lot more than what you get as a standard user. An exclusive feel and customisations as per your needs are the most basic of facilities, along with your cards, address and other details being password protected. Not to mention, it's way quicker to shop when logged-in.

4. I don't understand 'forthcoming' or 'pre-order'.

Products labelled 'forthcoming' or 'pre-order' are not released for widespread retail yet, but you can lay a claim on the first released items by ordering beforehand.

5. What can 'Out of Stock' possibly imply?

It means that we have run out of the product you were looking for and it might take some time before it is available again.

1. How is saving my card online a good idea?

Your account, to begin with, is password-protected so no one but you can get access to your card details. Saving cards makes paying for your purchase easy. Money is debited from your card and you don't have to procure it to fill the details again.

2. What if I have multiple cards?

There are different labels you can put on each card to identify among the options and maintain simplicity. While saving the card, you would be presented with an option to label the card. You can also edit the labels in the future.

3. What steps has Poundshop Guru taken to protect my money online?

Regular monitoring of any suspicious activity is a mandate with us. There are many steps of authentication before a transaction is allowed. Sometimes the payment is put on hold and due course of action is followed like involving the bank or sharing imminent evidence. These are some of the steps to make sure your hard-earned money is secure with us.

1. Can someone else accept the delivery on my behalf?

If no one is at home to collect the order, we will leave you written information on how to rearrange your order or collect it from a local depot.

2. Can I change the delivery address?

The product is to be delivered at the billing address but you can change it with prior request.

3. Why is the delivery option not available in my area?

Some areas are beyond our reach. That is to say that there are certain regions where we cannot reach while keeping your groceries reasonably fresh. But we constantly work on our storage, carriage and delivery network, and expand constantly. We can arrange for a pick-up at a convenient spot while we figure out a way to reach your doorsteps.

4. Why is the estimated time of delivery so long?

The reasons may vary from traffic to road conditions, weather and even the accessibility of your location. We try to include as much area as we can and improve our delivery in due time.

5 How fast are the replacement items delivered?

We do not provide a general delivery assurance for replacement products, but that doesn't mean we're going to be late in our services. We offer the fastest replacement of your items anywhere in the country.

Refunds, Replacements, Canceliations
1. What's to be done in case of a damaged item?

First of all, please accept our apology. In case you receive a damaged product, please take a picture of the product. The picture should be under 1MB. Email the picture to us at our email ID. We will ensure that you get the refund for your purchase as soon as possible.

2. If I request for a replacement, when will I get it?

You can check the current status of your replacement in your registered account online.

3. Can items be returned after the time mentioned in the Returns Policy?

Regrettably not, after a stipulated period and outside of certain conditions, we may not be able to ascertain the cause of inconvenience caused to you. The sooner you address the issue, the surer we are of what to do.

4. I cannot cancel my order! Why?

It can either mean that the item has been delivered or that the product is non-returnable/refundable.

5. What if I ordered something in error?

You can refer to the returns/cancellation policy for an elaborate understanding.

My Orders
1. Can I place another product to the already processed transaction?

We deeply regret to say that you can't add another product in such cases.

2. What should I do if the delivery is late?

We take it upon ourselves to inform you of any delay. We keep you posted in case of any obstruction.

3. I can't find the invoice of my order!

Apart from a hard copy, you also get the invoice via email. If you still can't see it, contact us and we'll help you out.

4. How would I get an order confirmation?

You get updates about the shipment, tracking number, and delivery confirmation through both an email and an SMS.